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Mountain safety

Safety in the mountains of the Ahrntal valley and Sand in Taufers and Campo Tures

Safety while hiking in the mountains is a particularly important issue for the mountain rescue teams of South Tyrol. The mountain rescue teams of the Alpine Association South Tyrol would like you to return safely from your mountain hiking trip. For this reason, they have listed a number of rules and regulations, which will ensure your safety:

Correct preparation starts at home
Look at a regional map or tour description. Inform yourself about the grade of difficulty, the summit height and walking times, open Alpine pubs or mountain guides or simple accommodation on the mountain.
Be careful to choose the right equipment and clothing for your trip.

Be well equipped while walking in the mountains
Make sure you carry suitable clothing, sufficient food and necessary tools with you. However, ensure at the same time not to carry too many unnecessary things in your ruck-sack. In any case: don't forget the emergency equipment! Start early and begin your tour walking slowly and not too fast. Take regular breaks.Don't forget to eat and drink.Protect the nature around you as well as yourself by staying on the marked routes.

A mountain tour is better done together with a second person.

Act responsibly
It is your condition, which determines the next destination point. The tour must be suitable for the weakest person in the group. Inform family, friends or your hotel owner about your trip.

Watch out for weather changes!
Don't forget to study the weather forecast. Keep an eye on the weather development throughout your trip. Avoid secured climbing paths and ridges if there is a storm. These places attract lightening.

Be responsible and be careful!
If you come across an unexpected difficulty, don't forget that it is always better to turn back and do not take unnecessary risks. Keep a cool head and don't over-evaluate your performance on the day. Remember that you are not alone in the mountains and be careful walking in an area where stones can get loose easily.

In an emergency call: Mountain rescue team 112
Mountain experience in Ahrntal Valley
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