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Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures
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Ice climbing in Ahrntal Valley and Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures

The really great adventure

Anyone who loves athletic challenges and is looking for the great adventure is going to end up ice climbing sooner or later. The fascination of climbing frozen waterfalls, gigantic icicles, and icy cliffs is enormous, putting many athletes under its spell.

Alpine climbers and sports climbers who as a rule can only practice their sport in the climbing hall during the winter should try out ice climbing. This icy opportunity provides a new set of skills. A climbing tour with an ice axe and crampons requires a great deal of coordination ability and strength. A perfect combination of strength and endurance. Anyone who does not trust themselves on vertical ice walls still ought to come along on an ice climbing tour in any case as a spectator – it’s well worth it!

Those who normally climb only during the summertime have to get familiar at least once with the cooler conditions. On top of that, the regular climbing equipment which is already extensive in its own right is supplemented even further with ice climbing by an ice pick, ice screws, and crampons. The technique is also not the same and is best learned from one of the local pros. Trial lessons can also be booked.

Ice climbing in Ahrntal valley
Eldorado for ice-climbers

The best ice climbing locations are found in Rein in Taufers-Riva di Tures and in Lappach-Lappago

Ice climbing routes

  • "Kofler zwischen den Wänden" / Level M
  • "Jahrzahlwand" / Level S - M - L
  • "1. Gallerie" / Level S - M - L
  • "Milchtrinker" / Level L
  • "Gelttal" / Level M
  • "Rastental" / Level S
  • "Terneralm" / Level M - S
  • "Tristenbach" / Level L
  • "Kofleralm" / Level S
  • "Eppacher" / Level M - S
  • "Furt" / Level M
  • "Lappacher Klamm" / Level S - M - L


Weitere Informationen siehe Bergführer untenstehend                                                                                                                                            

Leisure time map

Discover the ice climbing routes in the Ahrntal valley...


Here you find an overview of mountain guides:
Hans Kammerlander mountain guide
Hans Kammerlander mountain guide
Josef-Jungmannstr. / Via Josef-Jungmann 8
39302 Sand in Taufers / Campo Tures
Mountain guide Gabriel Steger
Mountain guide Gabriel Steger
Ahrnerstrasse 42
39030 Luttach/Ahrntal valley
Mountain guide Günther Ausserhofer
Mountain guide Günther Ausserhofer
Via del Paese 29 Dorfstr.
39030 Luttach/Ahrntal valley
Mountain guide Martin Stolzlechner
Mountain guide Martin Stolzlechner
Oberdorf 20
39030 Steinhaus/Ahrntal valley
Mountain guide Simon Gietl
Mountain guide Simon Gietl
39030 Luttach/Ahrntal valley
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