More Winter Activities

in Ahrntal Valley

AhrntalAktiv - Life is better outside.

What should your vacation look like off the slopes? You decide!

The AhrntalAktiv team takes you into the lonely landscapes of the Ahrntal, sometimes more or less strenuous. From enjoyment while snowshoeing to thrills while ice climbing on the frozen waterfall, everything is possible. 
Alpine Coaster "Klausberg-Flitzer"

“Can I have another ride? “ This is a typical question that children ask their parents after getting off the Klausberg- Flitzer. It is not surprising: one ride on Italy’s longest Alpine rollercoaster is simply very funny.
The toboggan run is situated next to the mountain station of the Ski and hiking arena Klausberg in Steinhaus/Cadipietra in the Ahrntal/Valle Aurina. With 1800 m length, little jumps, 360 degree spins and bends the Klausberg Flitzer offers fun and excitement during the family holiday. With a lift you reach the mountain on the sledge. Excitement is increasing and there you go – down the mountain in a speedy ride. Everyone can decide for themselves the speed. It is simple and safe. Putting the lever forward: you accelerate, putting the lever backward you slow down! Just get in and there you go! And the best: The Klausberg-Flitzer is opened in the summer and in the winter.

Ice climbing
Information by the mountain guides of the valley. A detailed map is available at the tourist offices.

Bowling in Ahrntal Valley - let's for the whole family is guaranteed!

  • Bowling lane Hotel Adler in San Giovanni-St. Johann 
Paragliding & Hang gliding

The dream of flying is as old as humankind itself. No other type of sport flying provides as much immediacy as paragliding when it comes to realising this dream. If you would like to fly with us over roofs, treetops and meadows, then you should know that anyone can do it.
No special sporting ability or knowledge is required; all that you need is good shoes, warm clothing and the ability to run 10-15 m at the start. When landing you’ll only need to run for 1-2 metres; your pilot will do everything else. This flight will be an unforgettable experience for you.


With a great number of wellness hotels and hotels with swimming pool or indoor swimming pool, the aquatic center Cascade Relaxbad, the ecological pond and the many alpine lakes, the Ahrntal Valley in South Tyrol is predestined to be the holiday destination for swimmers.

Swimming is a natural therapy for our health
Did you know that from the first swimming movements on the cold stimulus leads the blood circulation to the external vessels, therefore it’s a perfect training for our vessels? Moreover, the boost of water while swimming relieves articulations and ligaments. Swimming trains the whole circulation and has positive effects on lungs and breath. Thanks to the constant work of the muscles during the swimming the organism increases the consumption of oxygen. Swimming is also relaxing and contributes to work off stress.


Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. Anyone who does not want to do without this sport during vacation has many possibilities to play in the Valle Aurina. Various outdoor courts are available for both beginners and advanced players. A game of tennis in the Valle Aurina is promising in any case. The internationally renowned tennis player Karin Knapp lives in Lutago in the valley and practiced her first strokes there. For those who want to become a master, there’s nothing like starting out early.

Indoor and outdoor courts for beginners, advanced sportsmen and professionals – here a list of the tennis courts and squash centers:

  • Sports zone Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers (summer & winter)
  • Sports zone Selva dei Molini-Mühlwald (summer)
  • Bar Sportalm Lutago-Luttach (summer)
  • Sports zone San Martino-St. Martin in San Giovanni-St. Johann (summer)
Target shooting

Concentration, precision and lots of fun - target shooting with an air rifle on request: 

  • Sports hall Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers
  • Clubhouse Rio Bianco-Weißenbach
  • "Schützenraum" at the elementary school San Giovanni-St. Johann