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Riding & Horse carriage

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Giddyup – At a Gallop or a Trot

Having a little bit of flair has always been the case in the Ahrntal valley, at least for those crazy about horses. In the softly romantic larch woods, on the logging roads and forest paths, and on extensive natural meadows and pastures, it is primarily rustic mountain horses from the Alps that make their rounds: the unmistakable medium-sized Haflingers with their typical blond manes and warmhearted dark eyes, as well as the dark Norics, another breed of horses that are also native to the Central Alps.

Riding adventures ranging from children’s rides to extensive horse trekking tours or riding vacations, primarily on the friendly Haflingers, are offered by the large stables Herberts Reitstall in Luttach/Lutago and Walter’s Horses Ranch in St. Jakob/San Giacomo. But the Ahrntal valley also is quite reflective when it comes to the lovely tradition of coach and sleigh rides, and you don’t have to wait for a wedding, festival, or parade to indulge in one. There is one horse farm which offers cozy tours over roads or over snow-covered paths: coachman and European speed champion Oswald Plankensteiner from the Obergruberhof in St. Peter/San Pietro, South Tyrol's point of reference for the Noric horse and the care of the art of the old coachman.

In Ahrntal valley there are a variety of possibilities for riding and horse trekking. Find here a list with the offerers on site.

Herbert's Riding stable
Herbert's Riding stable
Weißenbachstraße 8
39030 Luttach/Ahrntal valley
Pony riding at Speikboden
Pony riding at Speikboden
Drittelsand 7
39032 Sand in Taufers
Horse carriage and sleigh rides Obergruberhof
Horse carriage and sleigh rides Obergruberhof
Obergruben 1
39030 St. Peter/Ahrntal valley
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