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Respect the mountains

Are you aware of the damage caused by litter left around in nature?

It’s quite substantial!

Due to the special climate of our mountain landscape, waste decomposition processes are very slow and some waste is not decomposed at all. For example, plastic does not degrade at all. It merely disintegrates into microplastics, which stays in the environment. Waste causes hygienic and ecological problems in the nature and the environment: soil and water are polluted, both people and animals can be injured by discarded waste.


The best waste is the one which is not produced at al!


7 tips for a clean environment:

  • I never leave anything around in nature.
  • I pack my snacks in reusable boxes.
  • I avoid disposable plastic bottles.
  • The tap water from Ahrntal Valley is potable and of high quality, I enjoy it.
  • What I carry up the mountain, I also bring back down to the valley.
  • I always have a toilet roll in my backpack for emergencies.
  • I separate and dispose any waste properly when I get back home.
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