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Sustainable tips for your holiday

What you can do to help protect nature and the environment

Sustainability can always be integrated into your everyday life – or your holiday. We have put together the simplest and most efficient actions that you can take.
Digital instead of analogue
It is very easy to search for information about your holiday in the Ahrntal Valley and Sand in Taufers online. To do so, you can use the Guestnet instead of printed material.
Proper waste disposal

Whilst waste cannot be completely avoided, it can be correctly separated. The local recycling centres will then ensure that it is properly disposed of and recycled. Please note the municipal rules:

Enjoying the mountains mindfully

With specific steps we can contribute towards ensuring that our treasured environment stays this way. Find out how.

Travelling sustainably

If you take advantage of sharing offers or public transport to travel to your holiday destination, you can make an enormous contribution to offsetting emissions. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Using public transport

When it comes to getting around locallyyou can rely on the public transport network – and explore the whole region comfortably and in an environmentally friendly manner. Incidentally, holders of the GuestPass can use public transport free of charge. 

Buying local

Cheese, herbs, vegetables: these and many other fresh and hand-made delicacies are made and grown with passion in the Ahrntal Valley and Sand in Taufers. Can you taste the difference?

Eating regional
Alongside restaurants that pay close attention to regional cuisine, in the Ahrntal Valley and Sand in Taufers many culinary events take place, where local treats take centre stage. They’re not to be missed!
Measuring and reducing co2 emissions

Do you actually know the scale of the emissions produced when you travel? Or by your food production? Or heating your home? With many of our actions, emissions are unavoidable. If you calculate them, you know the score and can take steps to reduce them.

 You can calculate exactly how much CO2 you are emitting during your trip to the Ahrntal Valley by car or aeroplane here and how this can be offset.


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