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Less is more! This is also true when it comes to packing your rucksack. Follow our suggestions to be on the safe side.

  • Regional fare containing local and seasonal foods are ideal for refuelling whilst out and about. When South Tyrolean Schuettelbrot bread, bacon, smoked sausages, apples and fruit juice are packed in your rucksack during your hike, local economic cycles are supported and CO2 emissions saved and the environment thus protected due to the low transport distances.
  •  A reusable hiking box can be used not only to hold your snack, but also to carry the resulting waste. After all, everything that I take with me into the mountains needs bringing back down into the valley and disposing of correctly.
  •  It is important to bring sufficient fluids on a hike. In this case, a refillable drinking water bottle is preferable to a single-use bottle. These can be repeatedly refilled with fresh water at designated drinking water fountains along the way.
  •  When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. Just in case, toilet paper should be packed for emergencies. Paper tissues take 5 years, and toilet paper only 2-4 weeks, to decompose outdoors. The best waste is the waste that isn’t produced at all!




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