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Businesses that are certified sustainable and energy self-sufficient

Where mindful decisions are made and put into practice

Some businesses in the Ahrntal Valley and Sand in Taufers organise their activities with the communal good in mind: Some are self-sufficient in terms of the energy used to conduct their business, some have a high-profile certificate that demonstrates their commitment to preserving the regional nature and culture and to supporting and developing local business cycles.

You can find details of all businesses and accommodations in the region that stand out for their exceptional, forward-looking actions here.


The certificates at a glance

Energy self-sufficient

A hotel that is energy self-sufficient covers its entire energy demand independently, for example through high quality insulation, efficient lighting and advanced storage batteries. This enables visitors to stay in a climate-friendly environment.

Energy self-sufficient businesses:


Greater good economy

The Greater Good Economy certificate is an award that is conferred upon companies for their exemplary efforts to do business in a sustainable and ethical way. Companies that receive this certificate have committed themselves to evaluating and constantly improving their business practices in line with a range of common good criteria. These include aspects such as social justice, ecological sustainability, democratic corporate governance and solidarity as central features.

Companies with the Greater Good Economy certificate:


Turn to zero

Aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum.

Companies with the Turn to Zero certificate:


South Tyrol Sustainability Label

The South Tyrol Sustainability Label symbolises a committed and future-oriented region that uses its natural resources in a responsible way and thus takes into account ecological, social and cultural aspects – whilst maintaining or improving quality.

Companies with the South Tyrol Sustainability Label:


GSTC Certificate

The GSTC certificate shows that a tourism business, a destination or a facility meets strict criteria and standards based on environmental sustainability, social responsibility, cultural preservation and economic profitability.

Businesses with the GSTC certificate:


Focus Climate Neutrality

The Focus Climate Neutrality certificate confirms active measures in companies and organisations to reduce their CO2 footprint and offset remaining emissions through targeted offsetting projects.

Companies with the Focus Climate Neutrality certificate:



The BIO FAIR SÜDTIROL catering project run by Bioland Südtirol promotes the use of organic and South Tyrolean foods in local hospitality businesses.

Companies with the Bio Fair Südtirol certificate:


Bioland Alto Adige

Bioland Südtirol is committed to transparent production practices, fair trade and ties between consumers and producers. The aim is to support sustainable agriculture that gives equal priority to ecological, social and economic aspects and thus makes a positive contribution to the quality of life in South Tyrol.

Bioland businesses with accommodation:

Respiration Health Hotel

Allergy-free and healthy holidays

Vedi i Respiration Health Hotels

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