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Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers
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„You have nothing without health“


If you want to jumpstart your body with a Kneipp cure, you have found the right destination in Ahrntal/Valle Aurina in South Tyrol. There a variety of places where you can strengthen your body and get fit.

  • Water trail in Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers
  • Health path in Rio Bianco-Weißenbach
  • Kneipp path in Selva dei Molini-Mühlwald
  • Health path in Predoi-Prettau
  • Kneipp area in Luttach-Lutago
  • Kneipp area in St. Jakob-San Giacomo


Also the health trails in Rio Bianco/Weißenbach have the movement after Kneipp on their program. On three different trails you can follow the three basic pillars of the Kneipp therapy. The herb trail takes one and a half hours and leads among others, to an herb garden. The movement trail takes one and half hours and leads to a picnic site and a view point on the wonderful three thousand meter high mountains around. There is obviously a Kneipp trail (one hour to go) with Kneipp water-treading basin, Kneipp stairs, waterfall and children’s playground. Because, as Sebastian Kneipp said: „You have nothing without health”.


The Health Trails Predoi/Prettau offer on 4 km also very much for the wellbeing of body and mind. The movement in the wood as well as the various water usages are very health promoting, especially for the defense strenght of the body.


The Kneipp facility in Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures near the waterfalls was built with the collaboration of a primary school class. It is small, refreshing, set in a charming hillside location and spotlessly clean. As part of the "Oachkatzlweg" (squirrel nature trail), it refreshes legs & feet of hikers, walkers, the exhausted, the curious and many who pass by or are on the cycle path.

In Lappach/Lappago, the Kneipp facility is located in romantic surroundings in the middle of an open mixed forest on the Lappach/Lappago creek. It offers space for a small picnic, children play in a relaxing environment and enjoy plunging into the well-maintained watercourse with mud pool with the grown-ups. With pleasure! The spacious facility ensures well-being and tingling soles.


The water park in Luttach/Lutago, finalised in 2021, is close to the centre, directly nearby the event-area. The park offers a water basin and a pleasant Kneipp walk. Here, emphasis is placed on the combination between "dry walking" and "water walking". The various elements in the "dry walk" demand the whole attention. Positive side effects: we train our self-awareness and attentiveness! The subsequent water walk is supposed to get our blood circulation going. The parkour should be completed 1-3 times, depending on how you feel.


KNEIPP - FOR BODY AND SOUL. The Kneipp facility on the "Leonardiweg" in St. Jakob, is located directly at the “Bühel”. It is small, but made with love for details and the water comes directly from the source. Try the so-called "stork walk". With each step you take, you alternately pull one foot completely out of the water. For a quick refreshment in between, the Kneipp facility also offers the possibility of taking an arm bath instead of a foot bath. To do this, bend your arms up to your elbows and immerse them completely in the water for a few seconds. This has a positive effect on blood pressure, circulation and blood flow.