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Breathe freely at the Climate Gallery Prettau/Predoi

Relax in an area of pure air - in Ahrntal valley in South Tyrol


No dust, no allergens, no pollen, no noise. The mine train takes you almost a kilometre into the mountain to the St. Ignaz Gallery, the disused mine of Prettau/Predoi. Where miners used to stamp ore, the comfortably developed area of the Climate Gallery now provides relief from a wide range of respiratory diseases. It is a very special place - a place of rest and relaxation that is unique in Italy


The relative humidity in the Climate Gallery is 95 %, which means that suspended particles and allergens are bound in the air and condense on the damp rock faces. Consequently, the air in the Climate Gallery itself is pure. There are no allergens, no pollen and no dust. Here you will find an ideal microclimate for breathing cures - the so-called speleotherpay (cave therapy). People with respiratory symptoms can breathe more freely in the Climate Gallery, and the special microclimatic conditions provide relief from various respiratory diseases (e. g. chronic bronchitis, pollen allergies, sinusitis, bronchial asthma, or respiratory symptoms associated with the Long Covid Syndrome). 


A daily stay of about 2 hours for a period of 10 to 20 days is recommended to achieve the requested healing effect on people who suffer from diseases of the respiratory tract and people suffering from allergies. In the Climate Gallery they can take a break and concentrate on themselves and on their health, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 



More information about the Climate Gallery Prettau/Predoi

Book your entrance to the Climate Gallery online. 

+39 0474 65429

Sustainable arrival by public transport possible. Bus stop directly at the mine.

Contact Climate Gallery Prettau/Predoi

Climatic Gallery Prettau/Predoi: 

tel. +39 0474 654298


Respiration Weeks
A holiday week dedicated to health. Relaxed and allergy-free holidays in Respiration Health accommodations. Weekly wellness and health highlights. Entry into Climate Gallery Prettau/Predoi and breathing cures with speleotherapy. In May and June in Ahrntal.
Respiration Health accomodations in Ahrntal valley

Breathe freely in the Respiration Health Hotels of Ahrntal valley:

  • healthy and allergy-free holidays
  • reduced microbial and allergenic load
  • smoke-free places, rooms and apartments
  • competent and sensitive reception
  • cuisine adapted to specific needs
  • organisation of entrances to the climatic gallery
  • 25% bonus on single entrances
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