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Respiration Weeks

Holidays in the name of health

Holidays – a time to sit back, unwind, enjoy life and maybe even return home a tiny bit healthier. And what's best: There's no need for doctors and medicine to make all that come true. All it takes is the right mix of good, clean air, unspoilt surroundings and the awareness of nature's own healing powers.
The Ahrntal valley is the ideal place for such an ambitious undertaking. Cosily nestled at the heart of the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park, it is a true oasis of peace filled with vast, lush green forests, pure air and skin-friendly mountain waters.


Respiration Weeks in Ahrntal valley

04th May to 22nd June 2024



Your Respiration week in Ahrntal valley: from 100 € per person. Note: All weekly activities can to be booked directly at the Tourist Offices in Ahrntal valley. The booking of the entrances to the Climate Gallery are bookable directly at the Climate Gallery Prettau/Predoi



Breathe freely in the Respiration Health Accomodations in Ahrntal valley: 

Respiration Health accomodations in Ahrntal valley


  • healthy and allergy-free holidays
  • reduced microbial and allergenic load
  • competent and sensitive reception
  • kitchen adapted to specific needs
  • organization entries to the Climate Gallery Prettau/Predoi
  • 25% bonus on single entrances to the the Climate Gallery Prettau/Predoi
Highlight - Climatic Gallery Predoi-Prettau

In the Climatic Gallery Predoi-Prettau you can find a specific microclimatic condition. The gallery is about 1,000 meters deep in the mountain and is supposed to be a place of quiet, relax and rest. A daily stay of about 2 hours for a period of 10 to 20 days is recommended in order to achieve the requested healing effect.

A stay in the Climatic Gallery of Prettau/Predoi has a positive effect on people who suffer from diseases of the respiratory tract and people suffering from allergies...

Respiration Health accomodations in Ahrntal valley

Breathe freely in the Respiration Health Hotels of Ahrntal valley:

  • healthy and allergy-free holidays
  • reduced microbial and allergenic load
  • smoke-free places, rooms and apartments
  • competent and sensitive reception
  • cuisine adapted to specific needs
  • organisation of entrances to the climatic gallery
  • 25% bonus on single entrances
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