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Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures
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More Summer Activities

in Ahrntal Valley and Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures

Mushroom picking

Do you pick mushrooms?
Please note the terms to contribute to the preservation and protection of forest and nature. Do not tread down the mushrooms, because they are essential for the forest! Never use rakes or sticks during the gathering of mushrooms. Clean the mushrooms directly at the finding place and use open, well ventilated containers.

On the even days of the month 07:00–19:00

You receive the necessary approval ONLINE or at the municipality, the tourist offices of the valley and also at the post offices for a fee of € 8,00 (per person and day).

How many?
max. 1 kg per day and person over 14 years of age

Nordic Walking
What is nordic walking?
Nordic walking is a gentle and soft total body workout which helps you to become fit and healthy. Your profit is the fat reduction. Nordic walking has been the best Finnish invention since the sauna. Just pick some nordic walking pools, put your gym shoes on - and let’s go.

Medical advantages
With nordic walking your body has 30% less stress than while jogging. Nordic walking activates about 600 muscles in your body, that’s about 90% of the body’s muscles. Nordic walking can burn up to 46% more energy and therefore calories than walking without poles at the same speed. Nordic walking pumps more oxygen through your body and helps reducing stress hormones. Nordic walking trains condition, power, agility and coordination. It strengthens shoulder-, abdominal-, back- and leg musculature.

List of basketball courts: 

  • Playground Mühlen in Taufers/Molini di Tures
  • Sportalm Luttach/Lutago
  • School's ground Luttach/Lutago 

Bowling in Ahrntal Valley - let's play...fun for the whole family is guaranteed!

  • Bowling lane Hotel Adler in St. Johann/San Giovanni 

Fun, sports and games... In Ahrntal valley there are a variety of soccer fields. Find here the list of the fields:

  • Sports zone Luttach/Lutago
  • Sports zone Weißenbach/Rio Bianco
  • Sports zone St. Martin/San Martino in St. Johann/San Giovanni
  • Elementary school St. Johann/San Giovanni
  • Sports zone St. Jakob/San Giacomo
  • Sports zone Prettau/Predoi

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. Anyone who does not want to do without this sport during vacation has many possibilities to play in the Valle Aurina. Various outdoor courts are available for both beginners and advanced players. A game of tennis in the Valle Aurina is promising in any case. The internationally renowned tennis player Karin Knapp lives in Lutago in the valley and practiced her first strokes there. For those who want to become a master, there’s nothing like starting out early.

Indoor and outdoor courts for beginners, advanced sportsmen and professionals – here a list of the tennis courts and squash centers:

  • Sports zone Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures (summer & winter) - Online booking!
  • Sports zone Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini (summer)
  • Bar Sportalm Luttach/Lutago (summer)
  • Sports zone St. Martin/San Martino in St. Johann/San Giovanni (summer)
Target shooting

Concentration, precision and lots of fun - target shooting with an air rifle on request: 

Fun, sports and games... In Ahrntal Valley there are various volleyball courts. Find here the list:

  • Cascade Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures
  • Sportbar Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini
  • Thara Seelounge Kematen/Caminata
  • Sportalm Luttach/Lutago 
  • Moarwald Luttach/Lutago (Sportbar)

Hiking with llamas - a great experience for the whole family!



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