Countless peaks are waiting to be climbed by you. Who wouldn't want to climb a three-thousand-meter peak in the footsteps of mountaineering legend Hans Kammerlander or the young alpinist Simon Gietl?

Here we have listed the top seven summits for you:

The "7 Summits" of the three-thousanders in the Ahrntal Valley:

It is not for nothing that the Ahrntal Valley is also known as "The valley of 80 three-thousanders". Lush, summer-green meadows, dense forests in the valley and, upwards, steep, high-alpine mountains and snow-white glaciers - a natural spectacle away from the hustle and bustle.

The "7 Summits" - the most beautiful summit tours on three-thousanders in the Ahrntal Valley - here for you:

  1. Ahrner Kopf in Kasern/Casere - 3.051 m
  2. Wollbachspitze in St. Jakob/San Giacomo - 3.210 m
  3. Floitenspitze in St. Johann/San Giovanni - 3.195 m
  4. Großer Moosstock in Ahornach/Acereto - 3.059 m
  5. Hirbernock in Rein in Taufers/Riva di Tures - 3.010 m
  6. Dreieckspitz in Rein in Taufers/Riva di Tures - 3.030 m
  7. Möseler in Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini - 3.478 m


The "7 Summits" of the two-thousanders in the Ahrntal Valley:

The Ahrntal Valley has countless summit tours for ambitious mountaineers ... but not only, hikers who are less experienced will definitely get their money's worth.

Here are the "7 Summits" - the most beautiful summit tours on two-thousanders in the Ahrntal Valley - here for you:


  1. Schüttalkopf in Kasern/Casere - 2.773 m
  2. Lutterkopf in St. Peter/San Pietro - 2.295 m
  3. Rauchkofel in Steinhaus/Cadipietra - 2.635 m
  4. Untermooskopf in St. Jakob/San Giacomo - 2.214 m
  5. Speikboden in Luttach/Lutago - 2.517 m
  6. Schönbergin St. Jakob/San Giacomo - 2.114 m
  7. Eggespitz in Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini - 2.187 m




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