Cultural events in Ahrntal valley and Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures

Tradition and culture are very important in the holiday area Ahrntal valley

Culture and traditions play an important role here. That is underlined by the many processions, festivals and celebrations held throughout the year, such as the tradition of bringing the cows back down into the valley at the end of the summer grazing season.
International Wooden Sculptors' Symposium
07th to 13th July 2024
Transhumance in Rein in Taufers/Riva di Tures

19/10 - 20/10/2024

Rein in Taufers celebrates the return of the animals and hendsmen with a big festival

The Street Kitchen

02.07. - 20.08.2024
6:30 pm - 10:30 pm


The Devils-Run
The stamping of hooves will send a cold shiver down your spine. A wild mob dressed up with furs, long coats and horns on their traditional masks (Lorfn) are on their way. The Devils outfits are impressive but the wooden masks are an art in their own right. In these often very heavy hand crafted wooden “Lorfn” much imaginative detail can be seen.

Together with rattling chains, deafening cows bells, fire spitting little devils and cheeky witches (Perchten) the spectacle and indeed the illusion is complete. The rite harks back to legend. One which tells the story of times of famine where young farmers, men from high up in the mountains dressed in animal furs and horns, went off on raids.

Saint Catherine's market
Saint Catherine's market: a special occasion to enjoy country atmosphere! Socks, pants, sweatshirts, chicken, vegetables, shoes, lighters, sweaters, candy, sweets, needle & thread, slippers, garden tools, and so on: almost everything you want!
Advent in Taufers

Christmas magic in three places:

  • Magic forest at the Riva/Reinbach waterfalls
  • Taufra Xmas Sessions in Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures and Mühlen in Taufers/Molini di Tures
  • Advent "Kothrein village" in Mühlen in Taufers/Molini di Tures
Ice Games Klausberg

15th International snow sculpture competition Klausberg

12.01. - 17.01.2025

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