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Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers
Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers
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“Graukäse” days in the Ahrntal Valley

“Graukäse” days in the Ahrntal Valley

17/9/2022 - 25/9/2022

A traditional South Tyrolean speciality consists of bacon, wine, “Schüttelbrot” (brittle bread) and, of course, an aromatic alpine cheese: the “Graukäse” (grey cheese). This cheese has a long tradition in the Tyrolean Alps and is even today produced with lots of skill and passion at the huts of the Ahrntal Valley. The basic product is skimmed milk from cows which only graze on lush alpine meadows. After the curdling, the milk is heated, so that a cheese curd is being formed. Afterwards, the alpine cheese has to mature for several weeks in order to develop its unique aroma. The grey green natural mould provides the development of the aroma with mild bitter notes and gives the “Graukäse” its name.
During the “Graukäse” days in the Ahrntal Valley, you will have the opportunity to meet the different producers and you will have the opportunity to taste different specialities made with “Graukäse” at the “Graukäse” festival.

More information will follow soon!