Slow Food Days with Eliana Vigneti Catalani

Eliana Vigneti Catalani is a gifted chef, runs a well-known restaurant in Rome, Spirito DiVino. Slow food and quality food, homemade, zero-kilometre, slow-food-presidi. She will cook up fantastic food for two days at the Neves-Alm hut: Ahrntaler Graukäse (cheese), Villnöss spectacled sheep meat, to name just a few of the presidi. Haute cuisine in Lappach/Lappago. Welcome!
Meeting point
Lake Nevesstausee: into the Ahrntal valley; at Mühlen/Molini turn left into the Mühlwalder Tal valley; there follow the road to the end. Last part: steep mountain road with toll. Afterwards half-hour walk.
To bring along
Sturdy shoes; plenty of appetite
Information about the event
Nevesalm hut Lappach/Lappago
Meeting place
Nevesalm hut
+39 338 8737161
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