Special exhibition "The art of bobbin lacemaking"

Lace making is an old, almost extinct craft that is still kept alive in only a few places, including Prettau/Predoi, the last village in the Ahrntal valley. Lace making is till this day an important part of the history of the valley and its traditions and was an important source of income for the local population until a few years ago. The exhibition tries to immerse the visitor in the history of this craft by means of various stations and to revive interest in the art of bobbin lacemaking.
Meeting point
Taufers Castle: in northerly direction above Campo Tures, parking in front of the Castle or in the center of Campo Tures/Sand in Taufers
Information about the event
Taufers Castle Campo Tures / Sand in Taufers
Meeting place
+39 0474 678053
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