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Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers
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The Taufer’s Street Festival

Every Tuesday evening in July and August: pressknödel ( a local dumpling), farmland gnomes & Green Event

See you 2022! ❤️


Scents of steamed fish, sizzling field, forest and meadow mushrooms, goulash and Graukassuppe (a traditional soup made with strong mountain cheese) draw you to an interesting outdoor local cuisine. They lead directly to the heart of Sand in Taufers, the "village within a village" where one strolls from stand to stand, through various open-air restaurants. Because the emphasis is laid on sustainable cooking, on dining and partying, this event has been awarded the official environmental seal: Green Event.

The Street Festival is also where all kinds of live music played without amplifiers from folk to pop, from jazz to blues draws one to listen and watch skilled musicians scattered throughout the village on corners and alleys, on streets and squares.
It is also where it is difficult to tear children away from the huge trampolines, from the farmland dwarfs and the delicious treats. Wonderful strolling for gourmets of many tastes....
An entire evening meandering about with the famous Taufer’s Castle watching overhead, where high above the waterfall peak the starry night appears - that is the Taufer’s Street Festival!
Its true charm unfolds by night, with music, chatting, the laughter of children, dishes rattling ... with joy, moon and stars.