Finding. Seeing. Surprising.


The Ahrntal Valley is a place full of adventures for you and for me. Here you have a great variety:

Places of freedom, on the top of the mountains.
Places of silence, for being one
with nature and with yourself.
Places of experience and adventures.
Places of encounter.
Places for listening and understanding.
past stories and new ideas.
Places of culinary art, traditional and exklusive.
Places of history and culture,
where tradition and contemporarity seem to conflate.
Hidden places of health,
deep inside the mountain.
And special places of power,
which are waiting to be discovered by you.


“THE BIG 8” CHALLENGE offers you the discovery of eight unique places. Each of them has a peculiarity and is characterized with a letter, realised with local materials. On one side, the places create a colourful picture about this unique natural and cultural area and on the other side, the letters form the name:

We invite you to discover – literally – the Ahrntal Valley with all its characteristics, to sense the powerful places and to be astonished by its variety.