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Sun Path Valle Aurina-Ahrntal - Sunnsat

Tour details
450 m
quite difficult
End point:
956 m
Start point:
1366 m
General description

The sun trail "Sunnsat" is a net of ways and invites to walk and to peregrinate. These ways in the times gone by, were used by smugglers and for other things. Now doing this ways you can pass the blooming fields, the mixed forest, the traditional farms und the huts.


description to arrive at destination

Brunico/Bruneck - Lutago/Luttach 20 km

Route description

The sun trail "Sunnsat" connects the villages of Lutago-Luttach (path number 23) with San Pietro-St. Peter (path number 12) at an altitude between 1,000 and 1,335 metres above sea level. It can be walked from both sides. The entry paths from the valley begin near the bus stops.
San Pietro-St. Peter (church), 1364 m - n. 12 - San Giacomo-St. Jakob (church), 1192 m - n. 12 Cadipietra-Steinhaus (Kofelhöfe), 1215 m - n. 12 + 4 - Keilbach - n. 6 + 6 a - Holzberg (Bizathütte), 1416 m  - n. 18 - Bloßenberg (Platterhof), 1200 m - n. 10 + 19 b - Rohrberg (Stallila), 1472 m - n. 23 - Brunnberg (Großstahlhof), 1200 m - n. 23 - Lutago-Luttach (car park Sportbar), 970 m.

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