Bicycle tour: Trejer Alm (Äußere Michlreis Alm) [alpine hut]

Tour details
1.3 km
34 m
Start point:
1964 m
End point:
1998 m
Route description

Bicycle tour: Trejer Alm (Äußere Michlreis Alm) [alpine hut].

Using the cable car Speikboden to reach an altitude of 2000m. Turn to the left to reach the Trejer Alm [alpine hut] (trail n. 26).

description to arrive at destination

Parking place of the cable car Speikboden.

General description

The Speikboden is the staging area for the most varied of sports. And mountain bikers are often visitors who are gladly observed in this region of constant activity. The lovely view of the surrounding mountain peaks and a refreshing stop at one of the Alpine inns are the reward for any exertion.

The bikes can be transported on request with the ski lifts - with the cable car up to 2.000 m.