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Holy Spirit Church
The Holy Spirit Church at Casere/Kasern is a sacred place, partly through its history and partly through many pious believers of many generations. It is not known when the first church was built for the many travelers who used in particular the Krimmler Tauern as a passage to get in the Pinzgau and Salzburg. It is sure that cardinal Nikolaus Cusanus of Brixen dedicated the church and the cemetery in 1455.This was necessary for the people who freezed to death passing the Alps or who died in another way, or for the miners of the Predoi copper mine. In 1500 the church was extended. In the last 10 years much restauration work has been carried out. Unfortunately, many pieces of art have been removed for security reasons.
Even the pilgrimage image was removed for some years, but it returned in 1981 to the church, protected by a safe and underlined in its importance by a corona.

The crossThis church is famous for its cross with bullet holes. About 200 years ago, the church stood near the Prastmann-Hof. Legend has it that a rifleman, on his way to a competition, wanted to prove his shooting ability by shooting at the cross. He hit it three times.
On the other hand he won the first prize, a bull, and lead it home. When they passed the cross, the bull got wild and killed the rifleman.