MindfulMountain Days | Tai Chi in the mountain

Tai Chi is suitable for everyone. The continuous circular and flowing movements can lead to psychophysical well-being regardless of the practitioner's condition. This discipline also increases the oxygenation of the blood, the muscle development and strengthens the joints and the balance. Through Tai Chi, postural errors can be corrected, muscle cramps released, and flexibility increased. To practise Tai Chi, no aids or equipment are needed. That is why Tai Chi exercises are well suited for the home, the flowing movements can be practised anywhere where there is some space. In this course we slowly approach the different components of Tai Chi. The course is particularly suitable for beginners; advanced students will learn new approaches. Othmar Vigl, 6-time European Tai Chi Champion, has been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong since 2004. In 2008 he received a Level 6 Advanced Instructor Certificate from PTCCI London, England. He is passionate about giving workshops, lectures and demonstrations to a variety of groups and institutions, including BBC in England and at the Free University of Bolzano.

From Friday to Sunday, from 10 a.m to 12 a.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

only with registration until 09.06.2021: T + 39 348 9021975

Price: 50 € per day and person

Meeting point
hut Speck-and Schnapsalm
To bring along
comfortable, light, and flexible clothing recommended
Information about the event
hut Speck- & Schnapsalm Steinhaus/Ahrntal valley
Meeting place
Speck- & Schnapsalm
+39 348 9201975
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