The Mobilcard

One ticket for all of South Tyrol

The following tickets for public transport are available in Ahrntal valley:



The Mobilcard lets you use the public bus and rail network throughout South Tyrol for 1, 3 or 7 consecutive days.

The Mobilcard is available in three different versions, each one for adults and for juniors (6-13 years):
- Mobilcard South Tyrol 1 day
- Mobilcard South Tyrol 3 days
- Mobilcard South Tyrol 7 days



  AdultsJunior (6-13 years)
1 day
15,00 €
 7,50 €
3 days
23,00 €
 11,50 €
7 days
28,00 €

 14,50 €


Mobilcard allows you to make full use of the South Tyrol's Integrated Public Transport network.



Museumobil Card

The museumobil Card combines two offerings: museums and all means of public transport in South Tyrol.

The Mobilcard is available in two different versions, each one for adults and for juniors (6-13 years):
- Museumobil Card 3 days
- Museumobil Card 7 days


  AdultsJunior (6-13 years)
3 days
 30,00 €
 15,00 €
7 days
 34,00 €

 17,00 €


The card enables the owner the use of all public means of transportation belonging to the South Tyrol Integrated Transport Network and provides one admission to each of the more than 90 participating museums, collections and exhibitions sites. All extra services such as guided tours, museum educational activities or special events are not included unless expressly indicated.



Bikemobil Card

The Bikemobil Card is a combined ticket which allows you to rent a bike and to make full use of South Tyrol's Integrated Public Transport network, including the PostBus Switzerland service between Malles and Müstair (CH).

The Bikemobil Card is available in three different versions, each one for adults and for juniors (6-13 years):
- Bikemobil Card 1 day
- Bikemobil Card 3 days
- Bikemobil Card 7 days



  AdultsJunior (6-13 years)
 1 day
25,00 €
 12,50 €
 3 days
 30,00 €
 15,00 €
 7 days
 35,00 €
 17,50 €


The Bikemobil Card allows you to make full use of South Tyrol's Integrated Public Transport network on one, three or seven consecutive days. In addition, on one day of your choice during the expiry date of your bikemobil Card you may rent a bike (only once) at one of the bike rental points, dislocated at the railway stations, in their neighbourhoods, along some bike paths or in various further rental points dislocated throughout the territory and carrying the symbol “Bici Alto Adige” or “PapinSport”.


Bike rentals
Information on bike rentals “Bici Alto Adige”:
Information on bike rentals “PapinSport”:

In every bike rental point in South Tyrol participating in the initiative it is possible to rent and return a high quality standard bike. Feel free to return your bike at a rental point differing from that of departure. It is not allowed to carry the bike on public means of transport.
IMPORTANT: For organisational requirements the rental bikes “Bici Alto Adige” can only be returned to bike rentals points “Bici Alto Adige”. Rental bikes "PapinSport" have to be returned only to a bike rental point "PapinSport".


Please note

The Mobilcard is a personal ticket and therefore non-transferable. It must be validated at the beginning of each journey; remember to validate your ticket before boarding when travelling with trains or ropeways. You are not required to indicate your destination. The Mobilcard will be valid for one, three or seven calendar days from the day of first use. The expiry date will be printed on your card at the first validation. Children aged 0-6 years, buggies and luggage are carried free of charge.

The Mobilcard is available at the tourist offices and at the bus station Serbus in Campo Tures.

More information you find here.

Bus timtables are available in all tourist board offices. Alternatively, call 800 846047 or see the website
Bus tickets (5,00 €, 10,00 € and 25,00 €) are available at the bus station in Sand in Taufers, Bruneck, as well as on the bus.