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Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers
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WATERFALLWelcome to the „Fly-Line“ - are you looking for a new adventure?
Betake yourself on a spectacular journey through the woods! Swing your way through the trees soundlessly like a bird through narrow and wide curves, with small and big jumps back down to the ground.
A carriage restrained by centrifugal forces which glides on a carrier pipe made out of stainless steel permits a secured and controlled descent, an amusement for young and old. The gentle experience of nature for the whole family!

Location - Sand in Taufers Reinbach waterfalls:
Sart: 100 m after the inn „Gasthof Toblhof“ next to the trail to the Waterfalls

Description of the Fly-Line:
Total Length 850 meters
Altitude difference 200 meters
Journey time 5 minutes

Opening hours:
Middle of April - middle of October 
Groups of more than 15 people also outside opening hours
In case of heavy rain or storm the Fly-Line will be/remain closed

Tickets 2019:
Adults                    10,00 € (weight max. 120 kg)
Kids up to 14 years   8,00 € (weight min. 10 kg)
Seniors 60+             8,00 €
Invalid                    -2,00 €
Groups over 15 persons -1,00 € discount per visitor
Families: 2nd child & following: -2,00 €

directly on site
no reservation required